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Recent immigrant from Instagram! Check me out over there as well.

I'm a big ol' Wakfu fan that works in watercolor, ink, and digital. My gallery is 100% character art but my true passion is...landscapes! *^*

Just another closet-artist in grad school. Some days I wish I'd gone to art school...but psychology research is so fun! Come here and let me study you!!

Do you like your art? 

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I just spent three hours of my life reading shipping wars in a forum for my favorite book. My reaction in stages:

Stage 1: Oh, most people support my favorite ship, yay <3

Stage 2: But the most fervent supporters are of the other ship?

Stage 3: Do people even like my ship???

Stage 4: Am I not considering the characters' feelings and pressing my own life preferences upon them, and in turn, disrespecting these characters...? Have I not accurately understood their psychology and life philosophies?

Stage 5: what does this side character have to do with anything

Stage 6: omg someone wrote an essay about why three key details foreshadow my favorite ship being canon, i can die happy

Sketchdump #2 (Wakfu Boogaloo)
I'm about to run out of space in my tan, recycled paper sketchbook (RIP, my friend, you served me well)--so I thought I'd share my favorites! Cameras and scanners hate the paper, so sorry for the spotty quality of the images--I way prefer non-white paper for sketching tho.

Here's my comments!

1. This is so old, but it was around the time I was really settling on Elle Rey's (I call her "ER" so it's not as confusing with my username) face under the bandages. I still really like her face!

2. Moraix's Sacrier Morail! Isn't he cute! Er, he looks a bit like Naxas though...he looks exactly like Naxas OTL. We're still working through that lol, Morail's redesign coming soon. We never had this problem before we joined the fandom on dA! XD

3. A potential redesign for Moraix's Masq, Raginald. I like the sort of jester, harlequin theme for him. As you can see, I've completely given up on keeping the Wakfu-type clothing. I've never been able to capture that feeling anyway--these designs appeal more to my art vocabulary! Which is like, 17th and 18th century fashion. kek

4. A potential redesign for Sirchade, Moraix's Osamodas. Up until now, Sirchade has kept pretty closely to the default Wakfu Osa, so we're trying to pull her away from that, while still keeping the fur theme. I like the tufts of fur, wafting like clouds! It's softness looks nice on her. Though, she just got a personality overhaul, so this design may not suit her anymore.

5. It's Ted, my Eni. Oh wait, he's actually a Feca, and this design is when he's given up pretending to be an Eni. I'm actually super proud of his design okay. And I think the joke of him actually being a Feca is hilarious. I'm a simple person--if it makes me laugh, it becomes canon! Sorry Moraix, I'm an idiot.

6. A recent reference of ER's battle thong from the front and back. I remember a long time ago thinking about what she looked like from the back, sketching a few options, and then thinking, "These all look horrible, I think maybe I'll just never draw her from the back ever." But now that she has a more flirty personality, it fits better that she wears a literal armor bikini into battle.

7. Moraix's Eni, Edsgard. He's supposed to be kind of goofy--I think that silly expression fits him. I have a thing about characters being too handsome or beautiful--if they are, they need something extra to bring them "down" so to speak. I usually give them an unattractive expression at some point, but Ed gets away with just being cute and dorky. And then there's my hideous Not-an-Eni in the background there, with his piano teeth.

8. My cutie Rogue Kris, aged up a bit, alongside her adopted mom ER. I guess this is them after some kind of timeskip? These designs are outdated--still cute though!

9. This picture is so ancient omg, it's over two years old. You can see that I give ER way smaller eyes, and Morrison is...okay, he's basically unchanged. He got fatter, that's it. But this is one of the first times I drew him, where I decided he was gonna be just a huge, broad Sram dude. I still like how I drew his expression in the mask and the body language.

10. Aw, another ER unmasked, and her eventual Xelor daughter Missel. In keeping with the pun names I give my characters, her name is Miss Elle, from her mother Elle Rey, but also like Missile, 'cause she'll nuke the entire battlefield. Yay! I think she's sooo cute, she even keeps the pigtails in her completely bandages form.

11. A thumbnail for an upcoming picture--I really like the bandage wings of this angel Xelor. It's not really ER...I guess it could be? I like the bandage scarf/wings/cape/hair a lot, I might actually incorporate it into ER's official design. We'll see...

And that's everything! I feel like I haven't posted much Wakfu art lately, so I wanted to share these. I'm always doodling in my sketchbook, but not everything is worthy of posting ^^;


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Oh, you're very welcome! I love that picture, the hair is exquisitely done! Can't wait to see more of her, whoever she is.
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Ooooh thanks ! ;u;
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